SpectraLite Technologies Group (STG) is located in the Gulfcoast of Northwest Florida.  We offer LED Sign sales, service and installation in Destin, Fort Walton
Beach, Niceville, Crestview, Navarre, Panama City and Pensacola.  We offer LED Sign & LED Lighting sales to the rest of Florida and the United States with 24
hour customer service.    

Don't buy before calling or emailing us.  We offer wholesale pricing to all businesses, whether you are a sign company or not.  We will give you the best pricing to
allow your business to take advantage of LED Advertising because we are committed to helping Small Businesses Prosper.  Remember one thing, you are
buying an advertising & marketing tool when you purchase an LED Sign or LED Display.  
Don't make the mistake of purchasing an expensive sign without the
backing of a company that is dedicated to helping you maximize the Advertising & Marketing potential of your investment.  

SpectraLite Technologies will ensure that your LED Sign, is an optimized advertising tool that builds your business, 24 hours a day.  Tour our site and you will see
just a handful of LED Advertising Campaigns we have implemented in Florida and beyond.  
Don’t get stuck with buyer’s

SpectraLite Display systems
are modular and can be added
to at any time.  Start your
business with a small display
you can afford & add to it as
your business grows.  

SpectraLite Displays are also
the brightest in the industry, so
your customers will see you
loud in clear, even on the
brightest days.  
Don’t get stuck with a giant metal

SpectraLite’s state-of-the-art
design is made of high strength,
corrosion proof, lightweight and
recyclable High Density
Polyethylene.  Only 16lbs per 2.5
sqft module.   

This revolutionary design allows
for easy install, mobility and worry
free maintenance.  Moving your
business? This system makes
moving easy.  
855.885.SIGN   or   850.396.9460
Don’t get stuck with the same old LED
Sign, when you can have a
SpectraLite Sign!
•        24 Hour a Day On-premise

•        Increase Your Business’

•        Increase the Professional
Appearance of Your Company

•        Customize Your Advertising
Daily, Monthly or at a
Moment’s Notice

•        Simply The Best Advertising
for your Dollar…as little as $3
a Day
Confused by 20mm, 15mm & 10mm?  Don’t be.

The size of the pixel for an Outdoor Spectralite LED Sign is represented by 20mm, 15mm or 10mm.  
The smaller the pixel, i.e. 10mm, the more pixels you will have in your display; thus, the smaller the
pixel, the better the picture resolution you will have.  The size of the display, viewing distance, sign
content and desired effect of the LED Sign will determine what “Pixel Pitch” (Size of Pixel) you should

Spectralite offers an affordable 15mm, even less expensive than the industry typical 16mm.  If you
have a sign with slow drive-by traffic and would like to have sharp and clear images, 15mm is a great
choice for you.  15mm pixel pitch allows you great viewing at 25 yards or more and allows you to
display high resolution media on 4 foot x 6 foot displays and larger.   

If you have a large LED Sign or Display, you can go with a larger pixel and save yourself some
money.  For Example, Standard billboards are between 20 and 25mm but they look great at that pixel
size because of the size of the display.  20mm on a 4 foot by 8 foot display for drive by traffic from 40
yards or more is often sufficient for most customers.

Finally, if you want to utilize fine graphics and high resolution video, 10mm is the best solution for
you.  If a small display is your only option or you have walk by traffic , 10mm is a great choice for you
also.  10mm displays have 4 times the number of pixels and LED’s as a 20mm and it is immediately
evident when viewing these displays or signs.  

Industry Standards for LED Displays

As an example, most real estate companies will be disappointed with a 20mm display because they
want to display high resolution pictures of their listings.  15mm or 10mm is the best choice for these
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